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Event/s Now :  •  One Day workshop on Photography on February-2018. Last Date:_________. Details will be uploaded soon.   
Courses Activities
Faculty Of Film Faculty Of Photography Faculty of Digital India 1. Model N Movie International Short Film Festival
2. West Bengal Glamour Hunt and Show
3. Photography Contest and Exhibition
4. Writting Contest (Story, etc.)
5. Project making
6. Promote project through Model N Movie
1. Film Direction
2. Cinematography
3. Film Editing (Video)
4. Film Editing (Sound)
5. Production Management
6. Costume Design
7. Acting(Theater+Film)
1. Photography
2. Modelling
1. Website Design

Students Chapter || Admission Notice | Workshop
icon icon One Day workshop on Acting Course on 21-january-2018. Last Date for Apply : 14-January-2018.
icon icon One Day workshop on Photography on February-2018. Last Date:_________.icon
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