Short Film Industry : Enquire anything Under One Roof

We Connect People :: This 'quick connect facility' has been established only for the progress of Short Film Industry. If you are already a part of Short Film Industry or want to be a part of it, you can enlist your name in this page. You may be a director or producer or an actor or singer or musician etc. any one of you, you can enlist your name for mutual benefits..

Your Photo, Contact details,Residential location will be advertised allover India through this page. And it is obvious that every one of us will be benifited.

Charges for registration are as given below....

Registration link ==>

Sl. No. Duration Rate
01. 3 Months 150/-
02. 6 Months 270/-
03. 9 Months 360/-
04. 12 Months 420/-
05. 24 Months 720/-
06. 36 Months 1000/-
This Section will be updated from June/July 2015 Onwards..

        [A] Director[Short Film etc.]              :[Entry= 2 ]
        [B] Producer[Short Film etc.]             :[Entry= 0 ]
        [C] Film Story/Script Writer                :[Entry= 0 ]
        [D] Character Artist                              :[Entry= 2 ]
        [E] Vocal Artist                                       :[Entry= 0 ]
        [F] Musical Instrument Artist              :[Entry= 0 ]
        [G] Choreographer                                :[Entry= 0 ]
        [H] Cinematographer                            :[Entry= 0 ]
        [I] Instruments In Rent                         :[Entry= 0 ]
                     (i) Camera :
                     (ii) Etc..