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1. Art of Acting :
SYLLABUS with Subject Code (January, 2016)
80% Class will be practical Oriented.

Part I
[1] Introduction to Acting (acting abcd,Real life & Acting) ACT101,
[2] Familiarization with Nabras and Conversion ACT102,
[3] Diapherm breathing & Toung twester ACT103,
[4] Script Reading ACT104,

[5] Midterm Examination,

[6] Camera short division ACT105,
[7] Body language(Mind & Body) control ACT106,
[8] Films now a days, Workshope ACT307,
[9] Project Presentation ACT308.

[10] Final Examination,
[11] Results,
[12] Convocation for Junior Batch.

Part II
[1] Introduction to Acting (acting abcd,Real life & Acting), Familiarization with Nabras and Conversion, Diapherm breathing & Toung twester ACT109,
[2] Project Script Reading ACT110,
[3] Project Camera short division ACT111,
[4] Project Fight, Dance, Body language(Mind & Body) control ACT112,

[5] Midterm Examination,

[6] Project Indoor ACT113,
[7] Project Outdoor ACT114,
[8] Project analysis & finalization ACT315,
[9] Project Presentation ACT316.

[10] Final Examination,
[11] Results,
[12] Convocation for Senior Batch.

Part III
Part IV

CLASS TIME AND LOCATION: Weekly 2days. Shibpur,Howrah-711 113

This course focuses on introducing and developing the basic acting techniques of characterization, role analysis, stage movement, voice, and body control.

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