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Direction of Film , Direction of Art , Direction of Costume ,
Direction of Camera , Direction of Editing , Direction of Sound ,
Art of Acting , Art of Modelling , Art of Photography ,
A Complete Website Design Course.

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Introduction Direction Cinematography VideoEditing
SoundEditing Production Costume Photography
Acting Modelling WebsiteDesign

About Faculty :

                     In no way can it be denied that success and recognition demands uniqueness. The value of being uniquely skilled in any subject is unparalleled. The most fundamental aspect to excellence is an in depth understanding and feel of the basics. Likewise, every good teacher has a strong hold on basics but the converse is not always true. As the great scientist Albert Einstein once said that to make someone understand your point, first you need to understand the point itself very clearly. In tune with this, we believe that mere understanding does not render a teacher as a uniquely abled explainer.

                     Hence, it will always be an endeavor on the part of the institute to be a unique teacher in order that our students can build a strong foundation to shape their career and touch new heights of success and recognition. Curriculum of each and every course to be taught has been meticulously engineered keeping in mind the psychological, physical and educational development of our students.

                                                                                                                                                                                  ----- Management.

We always welcome responsible teachers(Part-time/Fulltime).

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